West Falls Church Economic Development Project

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The City of Falls Church is eager to engage the real estate community through a transformational mixed-use development opportunity. The West Falls Church Economic Development Project is envisioned as a regional activity center and transit-oriented destination integrating commercial and residential uses with public and civic spaces.

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Site Aerial

WFC Economic Development Site Aerial

Quarterly Timeline


Demographics: Population Size, Household, Income

Demographics 0-1/2 mile 0-1 mile 0-3 miles
Population 2,839 13,654 132.858
Households 1,120 5,155 51,116
Avg. Household Size
2.48 2.61 2.6
Median Household Age
36.9 38.4
Median Household Income $147,989 $108,693 $113,304
Median Disposable Income
$105.877 $80,620 $84,285

Demographics: Education

The City of Falls Church is consistently ranked as one of the top three wealthiest counties in the nation. This is due largely to the City's highly educated population. Nearly 80% of residents have a bachelor's degree, and 45% hold a graduate or professional degree.
Map of High School and Econ Dev

Project History

The entire 34 acre campus was acquired through a boundary adjustment agreement between the City of Falls Church and Fairfax County in 2014. Since that time, the City of Falls Church has conducted several studies on its development feasibility. Numerous community meetings and public forums have occurred to discuss and plan for the future of the site. For more information on the history, please visit the City of Falls Church's website.