Technology Zone Program

Technology Zone Program

Tax abatements for up to five years on business, professional and occupational license (BPOL) taxes are available to qualified companies in the City of Falls Church. Your company may qualify if it:
  1. generates at least 50 percent of its gross sales receipts from the creation, design and/or research and development of technology hardware or software;
  2. has more than one full-time employee;
  3. occupies commercial space in the City of Falls Church;
  4. is current on any taxes owed the City; and
  5. submits a Tech Zone Program application within six months of meeting the definition of a qualified technology business.

Within 60 days of your application, the City will determine your company’s eligibility for the program. If eligible, abatement of 100 percent of BPOL taxes on gross receipts attributable to qualified primary business functions for three years is possible, followed by two years of abatement of 50 percent of BPOL taxes on qualified business functions. Each year your company is in the program the City’s business tax auditor will review your status to continue receiving abatements.

Technology Zone Application

Technology Zone Application Instructions

Technology Zone Ordinance

Please submit completed applications to the City’s Economic Development Office (EDO) at City Hall, 300 Park Avenue, Suite 301 East, Falls Church, VA, 22046

For assistance with the form or questions about the Tech Zone Program, please contact the EDO in person, by phone at (703) 248-5491, or email: