City Detail

With its ideal location inside the Capital Beltway and only 6 miles outside of Washington, D.C., the City of Falls Church is densely populated and has exceptional consumer spending power. Within the city's 2.2 square miles is a population of 22,354 residents with a median household income of $115,752.

The City of Falls Church — “The Little City ” — is a special place: a small independent city in the national capital region with a strong sense of history and community. It prides itself on its schools, neighborhoods, and parks. It respects its past while welcoming new development. Learn more below and in our 2021 Community Profile.

See a snapshot of the most recent development projects in this PDF.

City of Falls Church location
  • A blend of the old and the new supports small, medium, and large businesses.
  • Just 9 miles from Washington, D.C.
  • Inside the Beltway location along major transportation systems
  • Well-educated, highly-trained work force
  • Strong "sense of place"
  • Sound, stable, and responsive local government
Map of the City showing recent retail and development projects, as of May 2021.